1ª Edición Level Up 2021

Fragments of Child

Creek Games

Game Description

Immerse yourself in a nightmarish world of platforms, action, and puzzles in ‘Fragments of Child’. Discover the dark secrets behind the story of this TV-head Child by exploring labyrinthine environments and facing terrifying automates...

Will you ever be able to befriend someone again?

Unravel the secrets of the T.I.V.E.H factory you wake up in by exploring the maze-like environment and testing your platform skills while unlocking new power-ups. Enjoy a captivating, story-driven gameplay and use your TV-head powers to blast your enemies in a dynamic, non-linear combat system that will force you to adapt to their behavior.

Key Features

  • Intricate 3D platforming

  • Challenging combats

  • Daunting final bosses

  • Diverse puzzle mechanics

  • Collect special items and weapons while discovering new abilities

  • Reveal the dark story behind a gloomy factory and make new friends... or new enemies

  • Enjoy post-game challenges

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